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Grogan’s Ferry Intersection Improvement Project
Posted on Mar 28th, 2019
Coming Soon!  The Roswell Road / Grogan’s Ferry Intersection (Safety) Improvement Project!
Plans for a major safety-focused upgrade to the Roswell Road/Grogan’s Ferry Road intersection are about to take shape.  Implementation of this $5 M project, funded through a 2016 TSPLOST vote, will begin in summer of 2019 with the moving  of aerial utilities and is scheduled to be completed in late 2020.  With initial concerns about increased traffic flows, compromised entrance aesthetics and Ison Road “cut-throughs,”a Grogan’s Bluff HOA committee worked with responsive City of Sandy Springs (COSS) representatives for months to ensure the neighborhood’s interests were represented. The main Grogan’s Bluff entrance will remain open while work takes place. Major changes included in the project are depicted on the attached rendering and summarized below.
  • Adaptive traffic lights, and a dedicated left-turn arrow, to be added at Roswell and Grogan’s Ferry Roads
  • Cross walks to be placed across Roswell Road and Grogan’s Ferry
  • Addison apartments to shift south to line up with the Grogan’s Ferry Road entrance
  • Addition of a new u-turn cut to be added in front of 7810 building
  • Heading south, a one-lane right turn lane onto Grogan’s Ferry Road to replace current two-lane entrance
  • Heading south, a new lane leaving neighborhood will, via a gore, divert traffic directly onto Roswell Road, versus directly to Quick Trip 
  • Median will be re-elevated (less steep and less curved) and “sustainably” re-landscaped (current trees to come out, new ones to be planted) (we are hoping to keep and use some of the stone)
  • Current Grogan’s Bluff stone (signage) wall to stay, and stone walls on south side to stay as they are
  • COSS will pay for initial landscaping work and one year of stabilization; nearby apartment complex assumes cost then
  • Median to be lower in height (6”)  and more narrow (from 16 ft. now to 10 ft.)
  • New side walks to be added on both sides of Grogan’s Ferry road
  • Additional “park-like” green space to be added to south side of Grogan’s Ferry Road (drainage ditch on north)
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