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Self Storage Unit Proposal Denied
Posted on Aug 29th, 2019
Dear Neighbors, 
We are thrilled to announce that our community's tremendous efforts, collaboration, and participation in the CITY OF SANDY SPRINGS PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING this evening has resulted in the Commissioners officially denying the Self Storage Unit Proposal at 8040 Roswell Road.  
We extend our thanks to Kathleen Neitzel, who first took action and initiated investigations into this proposal, documented the serious ramifications of the Storage Unit for our neighborhood, and voiced disagreement at the first City Council meeting on our behalf.  She has been instrumental in developing a sound strategy for our opposition throughout this process.  
We also could not have achieved these results without all of our community friends who took the time to email, call, and write thoughtful letters to our Mayor, City Council members and Commissioners. Thank you all for your commitment, dedication and outreach. Your voices were heard!  
Finally, we are grateful for the time and effort put forth by our delegation of Grogans Bluff presenters at tonight's Commission meeting: Susan Witt, Mike McConnell, Kathleen Neitzel, Doug Hubert, Paul Neitzel, Judy Risner,  Hunter Bills, & David Price, and, stand-by Speakers, Jeremy Fentress, Stacie Martin, Karl Green, and Thespi Mortimer, who carefully researched and articulated their topics and prepared very compelling talking points.   Our speakers' arguments were impressive, targeted, and consistently on point (and never once exceeded the alotted time or overlapped on topics)! A true testament to their oratorical skills and ingenuity.  You made Eva proud tonight!
‎Clearly, our success would not have been possible without the extraordinary representation from and participation of our neighborhood!  We share tonight's success with you all, especially knowing and appreciating that we will benefit as a community from our determination long into the future!  
Grogans Bluff HOA Board
Security Alert - Stolen Mail and Packages
Posted on Jul 16th, 2019
Hi Everyone
We have had a report of someone trying to take a package off someone's front porch.  The recipient was out of town and had a neighbor picking up mail and packages and the neighbor saw this and was able to get the package and all is well. We have no further update as to a description of the gentleman that was taking mail.  We only have one house that had security footage and that is not clear enough to give a good description.  Obviously if you see anyone taking mail out of a mailbox and you know they do not live at the house, please call the police.  
What this comes down to is to please pick up your mail daily or have a neighbor do it.  Make sure you notify a neighbor when you are expecting packages and may not be home. 
Our security director has asked that i provide you all a list of items that might help you deter any potential criminal element:  His suggestions are as follows:
  1. Keep your garage door shut.
  2. Make sure the shrubs around your house are cut low enough so that they do not offer a shield to unwanted visitors.
  3. If you have a burglar alarm, use it.
  4. Install motion sensor lights on your garage door as well as areas of the house that are shielded from public view.
  5. Make sure all windows on the basement and first floor levels are locked and secure.
  6. When out for the evening or on vacation, install light timers on various levels of your home that go on and off at random times.
  7. If going on vacation, have a neighbor pick up your mail and papers.
  8. NEVER let your mail accumulate in your mailbox overnight
  9. NEVER let your newspapers sit in the driveway for a few days.
  11. Your neighbors are your best defense.
  12. NEVER go on SOCIAL MEDIA and advertise to the world that you are nowhere near home.
  14. GO ONLINE TO THE SANDY SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT AND REGISTER YOUR HOUSE FOR A “HOUSE CHECK” WHEN GOING ON VACATION. We will come by your house while you are out and make sure everything is closed up and leave a calling card telling you that we were there.
  15. If you are going out of the house for any extended period of time, leave a radio on a talk station that can be heard at the front door, loud enough so that an intruder will hear voices……………
  16. If you have any specific security concerns, please reach out to a Director of the HOA and report such concerns, and do this via email so that there is a written record of your conversation.
We have 4 houses on Grogan's Ferry that mail was found and that was put into your mailbox yesterday.  
In addition to the above information, we need some volunteers to help with the Labor Day Party at the clubhouse.  Please let either myself or Stacie Martin know if you can help.  
As always your HOA board is trying to help each of you keep your neighborhood safe and beautiful.  I hope everyone has a great week.
Jane Green, President
Grogan's Bluff Homeowners Association
Grogan’s Ferry Intersection Improvement Project
Posted on Mar 28th, 2019
Coming Soon!  The Roswell Road / Grogan’s Ferry Intersection (Safety) Improvement Project!
Plans for a major safety-focused upgrade to the Roswell Road/Grogan’s Ferry Road intersection are about to take shape.  Implementation of this $5 M project, funded through a 2016 TSPLOST vote, will begin in summer of 2019 with the moving  of aerial utilities and is scheduled to be completed in late 2020.  With initial concerns about increased traffic flows, compromised entrance aesthetics and Ison Road “cut-throughs,”a Grogan’s Bluff HOA committee worked with responsive City of Sandy Springs (COSS) representatives for months to ensure the neighborhood’s interests were represented. The main Grogan’s Bluff entrance will remain open while work takes place. Major changes included in the project are depicted on the attached rendering and summarized below.
  • Adaptive traffic lights, and a dedicated left-turn arrow, to be added at Roswell and Grogan’s Ferry Roads
  • Cross walks to be placed across Roswell Road and Grogan’s Ferry
  • Addison apartments to shift south to line up with the Grogan’s Ferry Road entrance
  • Addition of a new u-turn cut to be added in front of 7810 building
  • Heading south, a one-lane right turn lane onto Grogan’s Ferry Road to replace current two-lane entrance
  • Heading south, a new lane leaving neighborhood will, via a gore, divert traffic directly onto Roswell Road, versus directly to Quick Trip 
  • Median will be re-elevated (less steep and less curved) and “sustainably” re-landscaped (current trees to come out, new ones to be planted) (we are hoping to keep and use some of the stone)
  • Current Grogan’s Bluff stone (signage) wall to stay, and stone walls on south side to stay as they are
  • COSS will pay for initial landscaping work and one year of stabilization; nearby apartment complex assumes cost then
  • Median to be lower in height (6”)  and more narrow (from 16 ft. now to 10 ft.)
  • New side walks to be added on both sides of Grogan’s Ferry road
  • Additional “park-like” green space to be added to south side of Grogan’s Ferry Road (drainage ditch on north)
Questions:  Contact Kathleen Neitzel at