Grogan's Bluff

1. What are Grogan’s Bluff annual HOA dues?  

  • The annual dues are $950, billed in two installments of $475 each, in January and July of each year.  

2. Is there a Grogan’s Bluff HOA initiation fee?  

  • Yes, the fee is $500.

3. Whom do I contact for a closing letter?  

  • Please contact the Grogan’s Bluff HOA Board Treasurer at  

4. How many homes in Grogan’s Bluff are rented v. owned?  

  • Grogan’s Bluff restricts rentals to a maximum of 10 homes (out of 156). We have never reached our maximum.

5. What about living on Grogan’s Lake?

  • There is a serene and lovely man-made lake within Grogan’s Bluff proper (it is actually a draining area), around which are about a dozen homes. A separate Grogan’s Lake HOA exists, only for these lake homes, to maintain aesthetic and safety standards and cover related lake dredging costs. The Grogan’s Lake HOA fees are in addition to the Grogan’s Bluff HOA fees.

6. Is Grogan’s Bluff a safe place to live?

  • Grogan’s Bluff is a very safe place to live, with statistics regularly showing that we are among the safest neighborhoods in North Fulton County.

7. Is Grogan’s Bluff a pet-friendly neighborhood?

  • Grogan’s Bluff is a very pet-friendly neighborhood. Many people have dogs and residents are regularly seen walking them on leashes within the neighborhood.

8. Where are we geographically to police and fire?

  • The Sandy Springs Police Department (SSPD) is less than a mile away at the current time, and the EMT’s and Sandy Springs Fire and Rescue Department is less than one and a half miles away, on Spalding Drive.

9. What are the closest hospitals to Grogan’s Bluff?

  • A number of hospitals are close by. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Northside and St. Joseph hospitals are approximately five miles away, and about a 15-20-minute drive in normal traffic.

10. Is soliciting allowed in Grogan’s Bluff?

  • No, we are a posted no-solicitation neighborhood.
11. Is Grogan's Bluff neighborhood on NextDoor?
  •  Yes.  If you do not have a NextDoor account, please go to this page and enter your address and create an account.  If you already have a NextDoor account you change your neighborhood from your account page