Grogan's Bluff
2022 Traffic Study Details
Here are the supporting documents for the 2022 Traffic Study that was conducted for the Grogan's Bluff neighborhood.
Traffic Calming Manual
Grogans Landing Traffic Calming Presentation
Email sent to neighborhood on 7/28/2022.  Email Content for reference:

One of the most pressing items our neighbors have mentioned to the Board is the perceived speeding in our community.  The Board took action on this issue and partnered with the City of Sandy Springs to perform a speeding study to determine if there is a speeding issue and any potential actions the neighborhood could take to correct any findings. Attached is the results of this study as well as the city’s policy regarding corrective actions to limit speeding in the neighborhoods.

To assist the neighborhood in reviewing these materials and answer any questions the Board is hosting an all neighborhood meeting on Monday, August 8th at 7:00 PM with representatives of the city.  To ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, we have decided to do this a virtual meeting, similar to our past few annual meetings. The login information will be forwarded via a separate email.

This is an informational meeting only to make certain each and everyone of our neighbors has an opportunity to understand the study’s findings and potential city solutions as well as ask any questions directly to city staff and the Board.  There will be no decisions made at this meeting regarding this topic, any potential solutions will be addressed at future meetings based on the questions and comments of the neighborhood.

If you are unable to attend, please feel free to review the materials and provide the Board or fellow neighbors any questions you may have and we appreciate the feedback and want to ensure that the Board takes neighborhood concerns very seriously.
Noel Tauzin
President, Grogan's Bluff HOA