Architectual, Landscaping, Property and Rental Guidelines
Keeping our Neighborhood Safe and Beautiful

Neighborhood appearance and upkeep is a high priority to the Board of Directors. Architectural Control encompasses all exterior aspects of homes such as painting, building additions or modifications, general appearance and external maintenance, landscaping and lawn maintenance.

Prior to making any exterior changes to home or property, homeowners must first contact Architectural Control in writing to gain Board approval.

Conversely, the Board will contact homeowners if the appearance of an individual property is in violation of the Covenants. The Grogan’s Bluff Covenants defines corrective steps open to the Board to address conditions in violation of the Architectural Control Guidelines. These Covenants help ensure Grogan’s Bluff continues to have architectural integrity and a well-maintained appearance.

The architectural guidelines, landscaping guidelines and property maintenance recommendations linked in the menu at left have been established by the Grogan’s Bluff Architectural Committee in order to create and maintain a community of high esteem and visual harmony.

Homeowners are urged to study these guidelines, as well as the full set of covenants that are a part of the deed to their home. The guidelines listed here are based on the general intent of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Grogan’s Bluff, but are not to be construed as a complete representation of these covenants.

It is required that all residents comply with the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions as agreed upon when purchasing their homes.


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